My Top eight Reasons Why I Picked UNI

    1. The walkable campus: UNI is very easy to get around and buildings are relatively close and you can get from one side to the other in about ten minutes. 
    2. Outdoor space: There is so much grass and trails around so that you can spend time outside. On some other campuses I’ve toured it felt like it was all cement and city.
    3. Friendly advisors: UNI had the best and most kind advisors I’ve ever experienced on a college tour. On visits they would take me to classrooms, help me with plans, and make me feel incredibly comfortable and welcome. They showed me all the equipment and places where I would be taking classes. They even went out of their way to walk us to different places on campus and show us everything we wanted to see. 
    4. The dorms: I knew I wanted to go to UNI very early so I was able to submit my housing contract the first chance you were able to, so I was able to get the dorm I wanted in Noehren Hall. This dorm was recently renovated and has Pod style bathrooms which I really loved.
    5. Skywalks: Lots of things are connected by skywalk or tunnel at UNI. I love the fact I can get to the convenience store, coffee shop, and dinning hall from my dorm without having to go outside, especially with Iowa weather. 
    6. Dining Center (especially the fruit): UNI has the best dining hall in my opinion of the three state schools, simply because they have watermelon and other fruit all year around. They also let you take meals for the busy days. 
    7. The Library: I love the library at UNI and the way it is laid out. Depending on what level you are on, you can study differently. For example, there is the sound level and I love that because sometimes I like to study in complete silence or sometimes I like to work collaboratively with others.
    8. Small school feeling with big school opportunities: I love the size of UNI where it has around nine thousand students, but with that they still have incredible facilities and give so many opportunities to their students.