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This awesome group of Student Government members attended the HOIAC Leadership Conference in Ames today where they connected with other students from our conference and focused on BRINGING THE ENERGY to @PCMHighSchool!

REMINDER students please wear your halloween costumes to school tomorrow! We can’t wait to see all of them! Reminder they must be school appropriate:)) 🎃👻

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Me with my new niece.
What it's like being an uncle
Will Vanderpool, staff writer • November 16, 2022

Being an uncle is a very cool thing to be. You get to watch your nieces and nephews grow up like you did as a young child, from babysitting to...

Life with Lily: cheer edition
Life with Lily: cheer edition
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 Winter SAD can leave you feeling alone and empty, take a step into the sunlight for a smile. 
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Wrestling with Will
Wrestling with Will
Will Vanderpool, staff writer • November 7, 2022

In my opinion, wrestling is one of the most physically demanding sports. Many people are not mentally tough enough for this sport. The practices...

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