The PCM Outlook
Popular Shows to Watch in 2020
Rylee Gallaher February 3, 2021

Recommendations: 1. Big Mouth - Isabella Sturm  Schitts Creek - viewed for 1.46 billion minutes - Grant VanVeen  ...

The Office prospers in todays world
'The Office' prospers in today's world
Jack Eighmey December 16, 2020

TV shows have always been something for people to relate to. Some shows age poorly, while others are timeless. One certain show has stood the...

Semester test season
Semester test season
RaeAnn Duinink, Writer • December 8, 2020

My favorite time of year is Christmas time, but along with Christmas comes semester tests. Semester tests are every student's worst nightmare....
A thrilling experience at the Trump rally
Dylan Masterson October 26, 2020

Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to volunteer at President Donald Trump’s rally hosted at the Des Moines International airport. For me...

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