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Justin Hall

Justin Hall, staff writer

I’m Justin Hall and this is my first year doing Journalism. My work here often focuses on systemic issues and the stories of the people who face them. In my sparse free time, I can be found watching YouTube and movies or playing a number of different video games. Though most of the time I am engrossed in schoolwork, When I can find the time I do also enjoy reading books and essays on a wide range of topics from 19th and 20th-century philosophy, to obscure or forgotten art and media. The influence of these works can likely be seen across my body of work. Similar to my taste elsewhere, I tend to enjoy mellow music; things like modern psychedelia, 2000’s folk and indie rock, and 60s or 70s jazz and fusion constitute a majority of what I can be found listening to on any given day. Inside and outside of school, I can typically be found in a library or coffee shop with my laptop open and headphones around my neck.

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Justin Hall