Mean Girls: the magnum opus of humanity

Mean Girls movie cover. Photo by

Mean Girls movie cover. Photo by

I am sad to say that it took me over 18 years to watch the masterpiece known simply as Mean Girls. It was on the way back from the senior trip to Chicago, and we were all BORED. Our knight in shining armor was the one, the only, the host with the most, JACK EIGHMEY! He asked us to pass it up to Mr. Vittetoe with the one request of getting him to play it. He seemed a tad bit timid about putting it on, but I thank the gods above and below that he did.

For those of you who haven’t seen Mean Girls, it is a movie about Cady Heron going to public school for the first time. Since she was previously home-schooled, she has no idea what the social rules of high school are. Like many high schools, there is a group of girls who are pretty, but mean. Cady is considered extremely attractive, so she is invited to join their group. She was already able to make a couple of outcast friends, and they encouraged her to join for the sake of spying on the Mean Girls. As time goes on, however, she slowly becomes more and more like them. She becomes obsessed with ruining the life of Regina George, the boss of the group. In order to keep details to a minimum I will stop there.

I absolutely adored this movie, even others could tell you I was invested in it because I was highly vocal about my sadness that I couldn’t finish it. The bus arrived with a little bit of the movie left, so I haven’t truly seen the work of art in its entirety. The twists, the drama, it was thrilling. Someday I will finish it, but until that day comes I will live as a broken husk of a person, waiting to become whole again.

P.S. Maybe I will return to the Outlook in the future as a guest writer to give my full analysis and opinion of the movie. Only time (and Mrs. Grett) will be able to tell.