40 years later (A phoenix through time sequel)

My grandpa, who always tells me the story of what happened back in 1988, never thought I may have caused it.


1977 Pontiac Firebird T/A Trans Am T-Top, Matte Black – Jada Toys 34038 – 1/24 Scale Diecast Car

As I saw the car drive off the thought came to me that I am stuck in 1988 for the rest of my life. When I calmed down I got back on the road and about a mile out I heard a DING. . I looked down and saw the gas meter was almost empty. I saw a gas station and pulled up. When I got there I checked the car for cash. I found a $20 bill and a grape skittle. I entered the station. Then I got a gross hotdog and a Coke. After leaving the station I saw some cops scoping out the parking lot, then I remembered I stole the truck I ran to and sped off.

A couple of hours later I found a Hotel and decided to stop for the night. After that, I accepted that I would be stuck in the ’80s so I went to town and decided to party, but first I pickpocketed a stranger so I could get some cash, then I decided to party. I went to a convenience store and got some snacks that will be recalled in 2023. After that, I went to the local Blockbuster and rented the first season of ALF on VHS. 

 I awoke a couple of hours later in a haze. I was in my hotel room, but I had a really bad case of the flu, so I waited after  a nice hour of throwing up in the toilet. I got back on my feet and back on the road and a couple of hours later a thought came to mind: no way this truck will cut it for me. So when I saw a snazzy black muscle car outside of a local bar I knew I had my chance. I waited for it to be later, strangely the guy never left so I went in and found the guy who drove the car. He was incredibly drunk so I just switched the truck keys with his keys and snagged some money out of his pocket. Then I was back on the road.

A couple hours later I ended up In Lawrence, KS. I don’t know how I ended up driving just about halfway across the state, but when you’re out on the road I guess you just lose track of time. I decided to stop for the night at a motel and got a room. After getting a good night’s rest I decided to explore and stopped at a local movie theater showing a really popular movie in the future: Die Hard. After seeing a guy step on so much glass I’m surprised his feet weren’t cut off. I went back on the road and decided to settle down for a long time in the town of Marshville Tenn. I got a job at a local Burger King and rented an apartment in the Inner City area. 

About 40 years later

(Ding, dong) That’s weird. “The letter said to be sent to this address on this exact date but if no one’s home I guess I’ll leave,” said the mailman. Just then the door swung open. It was a middle-aged man in his fifties. He said hello and handed him the letter the man asked what it was for and the mailman said, “Well that’s been sitting at our office for about 40 years and it said to give it to you at this exact time and exact date.” The man that closed the door and sat down on his couch moved away the multiple bottles of Jack Daniels and beer on the coffee table and started to read.

Dear family, if you’re reading this, that means that the DeLorean couldn’t hit 88 mph… Just kidding if you are reading this is your son you’ve probably already noticed I have been gone for a long time. If it worked properly and this letter was sent to you on the exact date of the one-month anniversary of my disappearance. I just wanted to tell you that I am alive, just not the same age after finding the 1977 Firebird that grandpa has told me about. I was somehow teleported back to 1988 where I lost the Firebird somehow someone got in and got away in it but I am okay hopefully. knowing you you probably already hit the bottle and Mom has left with the kids but if you are able to contact them please tell them I’m okay I’m still alive. I’m currently at this point searching for the car so I can somehow stop myself from touching it or even finding it for that matter. If it works properly soon everything will go back to normal. I am planning on finding the car and trying to drive away as far as I can and hide it, or even destroy it for that matter. Farewell father we will meet again someday but this is goodbye for now.

 Love, your son.