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Supernatural: Season one episode one review

April 23, 2023

The pilot episode sets us up in the world of the Winchester Brothers when their mother mysteriously dies in 1983 to a yellow-eyed demon whose father and son themselves are relentlessly hunting at the person who killed their mother and ruined their lives. The first two people we meet are Mary Winchester the mother and soon to be dead member of the family after that we meet Dean the oldest son. After that, we are introduced to Sam, the youngest and the infant of the family. Right after Mary puts Steam to bed, she walks by Sam’s room and sees a dark figure in there, but she assumes it is her husband John. But after finding John on the couch passed out drunk while watching a war movie she runs upstairs to find the yellow dye demon, screams, and then John wakes up from the drunken slumber. He goes up to Sam’s room where he finds nothing but the baby infant in its crib then he hears a drip. He looks on his hand to find a little drop of blood he looks up to find His wife pinned to the ceiling with cuts all over her then when she bursts into flames. He manages to grab a baby Sam and his other kid Dean and instructs them to protect Sammy and get out of the house. John attempts to save Mary but it’s too late and the Flames overcome the house and everything goes up in smoke. John makes it out alive and sits on the front of the family car, a 1967 four-door Impala vowing that he would take revenge on the person responsible for what happened to his family that day.

We jump to 22 years later, where we see an adult Sam at a costume party with his girlfriend. After that, he talked to his girlfriend about wanting to go to Harvard to learn law and become a lawyer but later that same night Dean breaks into Sam’s apartment and convinces Sam to help find their missing father who went on a quote, unquote hunt. We later find out that Sam and Dina are just hunting your local animals; they hunt the supernatural from werewolves, vampires to ghosts and ghouls. Saving people hunting things you know about the family business said by Dean. We find out how prepared Dean is when he opens the trunk of the same car from the beginning to expose entire arsenal of shotguns, pistols as well as many knives with weird markings on them. After Sam agrees to help Dean find their father they are off to the last known place he was Jericho, Calif. 

We then cut to a teenager driving down the road in his car talking to his girlfriend on the phone after seeing a woman in white on the side of the road. He then decides to stop and hang up on his girlfriend. Not to his knowledge, the woman glitches out a little bit. After asking the woman if she needed help she told him to take her home and directed the man to her house, which turns out to be a rundown and abandoned farmhouse. The woman in white gets out and then disappears from the man’s point of view. Afterwards, he is scared and  gets back in his car and drives away from the farmhouse. A little while later, he looks in his rearview mirror to see the women in white sitting in his backseat. After that, he stops on the bridge and is immediately killed by the woman in white only seeing the blood splat you’re across the mirror. 

After that, we cut to Sam and Dean driving by the crime scene and Donnie making some fake personas to get past the state troopers. They saw the crime scene and noticed that it’s pretty much clean except for the blood on the windshield, no fingerprints and no sign of forced entry. They decide to go into town to the motel where their father stayed the weeks before. They enter the room to find it smelling like rotten meat and old beer bottles, as well as multiple newspaper articles and books scattered around, as well as John’s Journal, which is a catalog of many Supernatural monsters and ghosts. After learning about a local legend about a girl who had an unfaithful husband, she had a mental breakdown and killed both of her kids in the tub and took her own life on the same bridge where the crime scene was. After checking it out at night, they see the woman in white  jump off the bridge into the waters below without making a slight sound. But when they hear the car’s engines turn on, they look and see that the lights are on and it’s coming straight for them. The scary part is that Dean has the keys in his pocket. After a narrow escape, the car becomes unpossessed and they go back to the motel. But when Dean is arrested for being a suspect in the case of missing people. Sam fakes a 911 call to get Dean out of the station and afterwards Sam is on his way to the house, when he is ambushed by the women in white. Then she takes control of the car and drives it to the house. Afterwards, S Dean shows up and shoots the ghost. 

After Sam figures out what she means by “she can’t go home,” he drives the Impala straight through the front of the house and is set free. But when Dean enters, they both are thrown against the wall. Thinking they are about to die, they see a lot of water coming down the stairs of the old house and up there they see the two children that the woman in white murdered. All those years ago after the kids hug their mother, she is dragged to Hell never to be seen again till the last season. After all that, we find out that Sam was going to have his college interview on the same day, but he would have gotten back so he was unable to get into college. After getting back to his apartment he lays down to rest then he feels a drop on his face. hHe looks up and sees his girlfriend pinned against the wall in a familiar fashion to his mother, lost many years ago. Then her body burst into the flame,so he got out just in time to see his apartment Ablaze now with a new purpose in life. He decides to resume hunting with his brother for another 15 seasons until it was canceled due to the coronavirus. 

Even though Supernatural is cut short, I still love the show no matter what except the seventh season. We don’t talk about the seventh season. Honestly, my favorite character in the episode would have to be Sam Winchester. He is  going through a lot as a young child growing up in a family of warriors. He was labeled the odd one out when he decided to go to college and have an attempt at a normal life. But I also feel bad for him because he’s already lost so much due to the life of being a hunter. But in the end I would have to give the episode itself a 10 out of 10. It is a classic episode if you have watched the whole series like I have and it is super memorable for its story-line and the main antagonist, The women in white.

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