My Top nine Favorite Things to do and try at Folly Beach, SC

  1. Go to the beach! The sand was really nice and soft and the sun was at the perfect angle when I was there. There are also lots and lots of shells to sift through and find some cool treasures. We also saw dolphins and other sea life just sitting on the beach so I definitely recommend it!
  2. Watch the sunrise in the early morning! The views from the house we were staying at were incredible, especially to watch the sunrise in the morning!
  3. Get a morning coffee at Center Street Coffee! I got coffee and one of their huge muffins a few days after the trip. It was one of the best iced coldbrews I’ve ever had and the muffin was so soft and again very large. 
  4. See the Morris Island Lighthouse! This lighthouse is known as the Redfield Lighthouse in Netflix’s Outer Banks. Views of the lighthouse are not a far walk and there are even cool painted rocks to sit on and take photos!
  5. Take walks on the beach in the afternoon! We took many walks on the beach during our trip but my favorite time to do it was in the later afternoon, at that time the tide was very low and we were able to see very cool shells and sea life that had washed up in the tide. 
  6. Walk the Waterline: Folly Beach. This is a painted road that leads to the beach that was originally started to help with the decline of shore and seabird populations. On this road is all sorts of art that started with professional artists helping out the campaign, but led to anyone coming with a can of spray paint and adding something fun to the road. It is such a fun walk, conversation starter, and photo location. 
  7. Get ice cream at Dolce Banana Frozen Yogurt Cafe! The ice cream was delicious here after a long beach day and dinner at Snapper Jacks! I had their birthday cake flavor and totally loved it!
  8. Go shopping downtown! There were many beach stores selling souvenirs, jewelry, beach essentials, and even ukuleles! The selection was so fun and there were many shops and restaurants to choose from. The whole downtown area is very colorful and full of beach vibes, even their traffic lights!
  9. Walk around downtown at night! The area feels super safe and is well lit from all the beach lights and shops. The air was so warm and it was fun to see everything lit up!