Why foggy and rainy weather is the best!

I don’t like bright, sunny days. Many people do like the sun, but I prefer grey, cloudy and stormy days. All other types of weathers are all beautiful in their own ways, so what makes rainy and foggy weather so much better? 

Most people believe that seasonal affective disorder is triggered by winters or sunless, rainy days due to the lack of sunlight, but in some rare cases, people feel depressed on sunny and cloudy days, dull skies make me happy. The condition is known as reverse SAD. The rainy and foggy weather is very peaceful and has a calming aesthetic. According to professor Adam Alter from New York University, cloudy days helps us think more clearly and improves our focus. “Sunshine dulls the mind to risk and thoughtfulness,” Alter said. Another reason could be a person’s personality. Studies have shown that introverts or people with quiet personalities prefer cloudy days to sunny days, while extroverts prefer outdoor hobbies. There are a lot of things to do if you’re stuck inside during the rainy weather, for instance, getting stuff done around the house, , taking a nap or even cooking! 

Not only does the rain provide fresh water to us but it also brings farmers, plants and gardens fresh water too! During the fall when it rains it brings relief and joy to farmers. Rain water’s crops and the grass for animals. The rain replenishes creeks, reservoirs and the water table. It washes away all the summer dust and turns dry grass into decomposing carbon for soil mircobes. Without water, crops die, farmers lose their income and people go hungry. But how is cloudy weather good? One of the best things cloudy weather is used for is photography. Most photographers know that a cloudy day produces a really soft light that can be flattering on the human face for pictures. Cloudy days filter the sunlight, softening, contrast and shadows, allowing richness in small details. Clouds even out colors which can be adjusted in photoshop. 

Another reason why the rainy season is the best is because rain brings out the most beautiful scenery. Trees become more green, more flowers bloom and the lakes and waterfalls are most alive during this time. Many governments around the world are making an attempt to “re-brand” their rainy seasons as “green seasons”. From my experience, the rainy season is the best time to travel if you’re looking for the most breathtaking displays of tropical, or any kind of, scenery. Even if there is a little mist or rain, I find that it only adds to the magic and really brings out the colors of nature. 

Every season has its pros and cons. Rainy and cloudy weather can be both for the good and bad. So what season do you like best?