PCM group to sing national anthem

by Graham Davis

Over a month ago, fellow choir members seniors Rachel Peter and Audrey Vriezlaar, juniors Johanna Baker, Connor Brey and Michaela Uhlenhopp and sophomore Graham Davis formed a group here at PCM to tryout to sing the national anthem at State events. They found time to personally get together to practice for the audio submission. Finally, on Feb. 6, the news dropped. In many different ways, they were all notified one by one that they would be singing at a 4A State basketball game on March 11. Their hard work and practices paid off in the end.
“I’m so incredibly proud of the group,” Peter said. “All six of us have been so hardworking, especially in choir. This is just a great opportunity and an honor to be recognized for that.”
The game starts at 6:30 p.m. on March 11, so come on out to support them at Wells Fargo Arena.