Gearing up for European travel


by Graham Davis

In summer 2016, PCM will team up with EF educational tours to travel across Europe for 11 days.
This trip will include places like Switzerland, Italy and France. Trip coordinators, Ms. Teresa Thompson and Mrs. Janice Davis will be on their second tour this time, with their first this past summer.
The trips itinerary will include places like the Swiss Alps, which provide a beautiful back drop to Lake Lucerne in Switzerland, the Roman Colosseum, which housed gladiators who fought to the death over 2,000 years ago and many beautiful sculptures made by famous artists many years ago. Also, if enough people attend the trip, there is an added two day experience that could be once in a lifetime, which would be to tour Paris.
Many kids were looking into going this year, and to get a head start, there are financial plans to help pay. The price for the trip will be around $3,800. To find out more about payment options and enrollment plans, you can attend this website: Also, if anybody would like to find out more about the trip, they could talk to Ms. Thompson at the PCM High School, or Mrs. Davis at Monroe Elementary.