What it’s like being an uncle

Me with my new niece.

Will Vanderpool

Me with my new niece.

Being an uncle is a very cool thing to be. You get to watch your nieces and nephews grow up like you did as a young child, from babysitting to taking the kids out shopping and going out to eat. Babysitting is fun playing with the kids and the best part is when they lay down for nap time. The first moment as an uncle was pretty cool. I didn’t really know how to feel because I was 9 years old. Being young when you’re an uncle is pretty cool because you get to watch them grow up when you’re growing. Being a young uncle I was always there to play with the kids when nobody else wanted to. 

One day my nieces wanted to hang out with me so my brother asked if I wanted to watch them for a day. I took them to the mall and we walked around, ate lunch, and I took them to Build-a-Bear. They all picked out the stuffed animal they wanted and they got a little house, they couldn’t wait to get home to show their parents what they got. 

I still have never changed a diaper which I am proud to say because I know they are not fun. I have been around then and they can get really bad and that’s not for me. My favorite part about being an uncle is being a role model to the kids and showing them things like how my older siblings taught me things. I always want to be someone my nieces and nephews can look up to. They all seem to grow so fast and they are even getting closer to as tall as I am as the oldest is 8 years old. Even though sometimes I could be in a bad mood or sad, they always seem to make me feel better. 

I always love playing games with them, they always ask to play on my Xbox or play board games which I almost always say yes because I have to keep being the cool uncle. I will always be the cool uncle.