Which teacher has the scariest classroom?


Halloween is the spookiest time of year; a big part of that spookiness is all of the decorations people put up. A poll was sent out to all students of PCM High School asking them “What teacher do you think has the spookiest room?” The results are frightening, to say the least. 

One teacher’s room was so spooky that it scared away all of the competition. That teacher was Mrs. Grett! All four grades unanimously decided that she had the spookiest classroom in the high school. But why? Is Mrs. Grett just a scary person?

The answer is no. Mrs. Grett has a lot of spooky decorations in her room; these are some of the best: 

There is a plentiful amount of spooky spider webs placed around Mrs. Grett’s room. The spiders on the webs could be real, but no one has the guts to touch them.













Mrs. Grett also has spooky orange lights that add on to the frightening feel of the room. 














Perhaps the scariest thing in Mrs. Grett’s room is her desk. The light up pumpkin and giant spider are enough to make any freshman run away in fear.