Who would you vote for if you could?


When asked who should win the U.S. Presidential Election 50% of students said Donald Trump should be re-elected, where the other 50% voted for other candidates. Joe Biden with 22.7% and 14.4% for 3rd party candidates. 

Within the poll students were offered a write- in option. One of the most popular write- in  answers being Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian candidate. 

While some students took a clear approach to the poll by picking a more common candidate, other students really shared their opinions. One student said, “I don’t care. Politics are stupid and both candidates are bad options.” Another wrote, “They are all bad!” With many similar responses, one can infer many students are unhappy with the current Presidential candidates, especially after watching the Presidential Debate that was held on Tuesday, Sept. 29.  

Students speaking out on their views gives hope for our country’s future. That we will have educated voters that really endorse who they believe in and that candidate’s political views they agree with the most.