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PCM Early Graduates

Shay Burns
Lexi Fry, Jaret Eslinger, Alissa Ives, Gunnar Sondall, & Jayden McClelland

Lexi Fry


Parents: Christapher and Jennifer Fry


Future Plans: To keep working. Hopefully, get her own house and a good adult life


Dream Job: Nursing 


Extracurricular Activities: 2 years in colorguard, 2 years in basketball, 2 years in track, 1 year in basketball cheer


Favorite Classes: Any class with Mr. Nolin and fitness with Bonnet


Advice for Underclassmen: “Stop looking back, it will get you nowhere.”


Shoutout to a teacher/coach/friend: “Kylie and Raegan coming into my life and always being there for me.”


Best High School Memory: “Being the strongest girl in the school!”

Why are you deciding to graduate early? “I want to work and get money.”



Jaret Eslinger


Parents: Jason and Becky Eslinger


Future Plans: Attend UNI for art


Dream Job: Musician or artist


Extracurricular Activities: NHS


Favorite Classes: Drawing 1 and study hall so he can practice guitar


Advice for Underclassmen: “Don’t let people run you, be yourself whether or not people like you for it, at least you honest.”


Shoutout to a teacher/coach/friend: “Shoutout to Trenner VanDyke.”


Best High School Memory: “My sophomore year at Simpson camp my brother was locked out of the dorms with nothing but a sock to cover up. He ran around the halls going to people’s rooms.”

Why are you deciding to graduate early? “For work.”



Alissa Ives


Parents: Kevin and Tara Ives


Future Plans: To become more knowledgeable in the culinary arts and maybe continue my schooling


Dream Job: Culinary artist 


Extracurricular Activities: Track, Cross Country, Colorguard, and FFA


Favorite Classes: Art, Fitness, and English 


Advice for Underclassmen: “Try new things even if you’re nervous because you’ll probably have fun anyway


Shoutout to a teacher/coach/friend: “Shoutout to Mrs. Morrett for always pushing everyone to do their best in art, so many people do so much more because of it.”


Best High School Memory: “Going to the mall with the band after competitions.”

Why are you deciding to graduate early? “I am moving to Florida and will be working with my cousin and helping her manage her restaurants.”




Gunnar Sondall


Parents: Allen Sondall and Wendy Bassword


Future Plans: Become an electrician 


Dream Job: Bodybuilder 


Extracurricular Activities: lifting


Favorite Classes: Psychology and Sociology 


Advice for Underclassmen: “Do your work.”


Shoutout to a teacher/coach/friend: “Trevor Fagg”


Best High School Memory: “265 bench pr”


Why are you deciding to graduate early? “I had enough credits”



Jayden Mcclelland


Parents: Douglas Mcclelland and Susan Kennedy


Future Plans: To attend the University of Iowa and receive her BBA in finance


Dream Job: A financial advisor or financial manager position


Extracurricular Activities: Track


Favorite Classes: Any math classes, specifically personal finance and Algebra 2


Advice for Underclassmen: “Your academic success is important, but does not define who you are or can be.”


Shoutout to a teacher/coach/friend: “Thank you Kristie for making my day every time I go through the lunch line!”


Best High School Memory: “Homecoming week events. Specifically powderpuff and t-ping with all the girls.”


Why are you deciding to graduate early? “I’m choosing to graduate early so that I can work and save money for college in the fall.”




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About the Contributor
My name is Shay Burns. I am a sophomore at PCM high school. This is my first year in journalism. I joined this class because it seems like a fun class to be in. It forces me to try new things. I play football, basketball, and baseball. I like to spend time with friends and family. I am excited to be in this class this year.

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