SOTM: Feburary 2022


Jacob Eslinger (Left) and Chelsea Bird (Right)

Name : Jacob Eslinger
Nickname : Jake
Parents : Jason and Becky Eslinger
Employer(s) : Rusty Vos
Future Plans : Wartburg College to play football

Extracurricular Activities : Football, NHS, Track and Field
Three words that describe me : Hardworking, Determined, Ambitious
Favorite Classes : History / Any class with Mr. Bieghler
Advice for underclassmen : High school is only hard if you make it hard
Best high school memory : Playing pick-up basketball games during practice
Dream job : Hollywood actor
Favorite book : 11.22.63
Favorite movie : Shawshank Redemption

Favorite Musician/Band : The Beatles


Name : Chelsea Bird
Nickname : Chels
Parents : Marianne Vriezelaar and Chris Bird
Employer(s) : Midland and Hy Vee (Starbucks)
Future Plans : Attend DMACC to play volleyball

Extracurricular Activities : Volleyball, Track, Student Government
Three words that describe me : Determined, Organized, Ambitious
Favorite Classes : Anatomy and Sports Nutrition
Advice for underclassmen : Don’t take time in high school for granted, say yes to more things
Best high school memory : Getting second at state track my freshman year
Dream job : Have my own small business
Favorite book : N/A

Favorite movie : Luca or Moana

Favorite Musician/Band : Dan and Shay