STOM: May 2023


May 2023 Students of the Month Riley DeVore (left) and Caden Bouwkamp (right) pose for a picture.

Name: Riley DeVore

Nickname: N/A

Parents: Ervan and Sheila DeVore

Employer: HyVee (Pella, Iowa)

Future plans: attend Drake University and major in Law, Politics and Society (LPS)

Extracurricular activities: Cross Country and Track

Three words that describe me: kind, helpful, independent

Favorite classes: Physics and Philosophy

Advice for underclassmen: respect teachers and do your best

Best high school memory: laughing really hard in Physics everyday

Dream job: getting paid to travel

Favorite book: Shatter Me series

Favorite movie: 50 First Dates

Favorite musician/band: N/A


Name: Caden Bouwkamp

Nickname: Maniac

Parents: Brian and Janna Bouwkamp

Employer: Kylie Naeve

Future plans: attend the University of Iowa and major in business

Extracurricular activities: Soccer, Track, Basketball, Football, Recharge

Three words that describe me: Kind, funny, hardworking

Favorite classes: Spanish 4 and Precalculus

Advice for underclassmen: play Socceer

Best high school memory: Spanish 4

Dream job: Investment banker

Favorite book: The Very Funny Caterpillar

Favorite movie: Whiplash

Favorite musician/band: Tyler the Creator