Goals for 2022 and why they are important


As a senior, setting goals is something that I think is important. I have always had smaller goals but this year I have really set up some long term goals that I want to achieve. Without goals, we have nothing to work for and nothing to look forward to when we accomplish them. A few of my goes for 2022 are as follows:

Read more: I want to read more books, specifically, I want to read more self development books and learn from them. There are two books that I want to read as of right now, one is called “Atomic Habits” by James Clear and the other is “Good to Great” by Jim Collins. I think that this is a good goal to have because as they say, knowledge is power, and power puts you in a position of strength. I am attending the University of Iowa next year and I want to be as productive as possible, that is why I want to work now on gaining knowledge about building good habits and destroying bad ones.

Drink more water: If you know me you know that I love an ice cold Pepsi, however, I want to buckle down and drink a lot more water this year than I did last year. I also want to try to stay somewhat healthy by going to the gym and seeing progress over time. I think that it is very vital if you’re going to the gym to be consistent, building consistency won’t only help you in the gym but it will also help you build a schedule and make you want to stick to it more and more.

Doing what’s important first: One thing I struggle with is knowing I have something I have to do, something easy, and because I think it’s easy I do other things other than the thing I need to do. This is a productivity thing that I need to work on and build good habits and a build a schedule for.

Me as a person: I am a person who loves to have fun and go out for food with friends. I really would like to do more of that, and meet new people and build connections with them as well. One thing that is important to me as a person is my reputation and friends.

All in all I think that I have more goals than listed, one of them is to get into the swing of college and live some of the best years of my life having fun, but also remembering what’s important and why I am there. I think that I can complete these goals if I stick to it. I encourage you to come up with some things you would like to accomplish, then build smaller goals to lead you up to those goals. If you want, you can post your goals in the comments.