SOTM: January 2022


Emily Foster (Left) and Kate McClellan (Right)

Name : Emily Dee Foster
Nickname : Em, Emma
Parents : John Foster and Angela Thornberg
Employer(s) : Varsity Blue Apperal
Future Plans : Attending DMACC and transfer to university

Extracurricular Activities : Vollyball, Basketball, Soccer, and Photography
Three words that describe me : Outgoing, Nice, Athletic
Favorite Classes : Anything English – Dramatic Lit, Lit. of Film, British Lit.
Advice for underclassmen : Have an open mind and get out of your comfort zone, it all goes by so fast. Make the most of it.
Best high school memory : I don’t really have a favorite memory, I enjoyed it all from meeting new people, exploring friendships, and sports with new coaches. I just appreciate all of it.
Dream job : Traveling the world
Favorite book : Every Last Word
Favorite movie : Tangled

Favorite Musician/Band : Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo


Name : Kate McClellan
Nickname : N/A
Parents : Mark and Beth McClellan
Employer(s) : Goldies
Future Plans : Attend ISU with a major in Family and Consumer Sciences

Extracurricular Activities : Football Cheer, Play/Musical, Track
Three words that describe me : Trustworthy, Kind, Unique
Favorite Classes : Pre-Calc, Choir
Advice for underclassmen :Don’t be afraid to put youself out there.
Best high school memory : Senior year TPing with the girls.
Dream job : Teacher
Favorite book : Challenger Deep – Neal Shusterman
Favorite movie : Juno

Favorite Musician/Band : The Lumineers