SOTM: January 2021


Trevor Buckingham (Left) and Margo Chipps (Right)

Chris VerHeul, Editor

Name : Trevor Buckingham
Nickname : Trev, Buck, Buckinghammer
Parents : Kara and Shawn Buckingham
Employer(s) : New to Municipal Airport
Future Plans : Career in Aviation

Extracurricular Activities : Football
Three words that describe me : Hardworking, Smart, Funny
Favorite Classes : Calc. and Physics
Advice for underclassmen : To be the best you must first practice like the best
Best high school memory : Watching Nikolas Mienders prank Coach Pickle
Dream job : Major airline pilot
Favorite book : FAR/AIM 2020
Favorite movie : Disney’s Planes

Favorite Musician/Band : The Weekend


Name : Margo Chipps
Nickname : Marg, Margie, Marge
Parents : Mitchell and Melissa Chipps
Employer(s) : Babysitting
Future Plans : To attend University of Northern Iowa to major in Interior Design and be a part of the track and field team

Extracurricular Activities : 4 years of Cross Country, 3 year of FRC SHY, 3 years of Wrestling Manger, 3 years of Track, 2 years of Stand for the Silent, 2 years Student Government, 1 year of FCCLA, 1 year of Cheerleading
Three words that describe me : Caring, Selfless, Determined
Favorite Classes : Psychology
Advice for underclassmen : Always be yourself and never be afraid to try new things
Best high school memory : Making it to state track my freshman year and finishing 3rd in the 400 hurdles
Dream job : Interior Designer
Favorite book : Make Your Bed by Admiral William H. McRaven (U.S. Navy Retired)
Favorite movie : Aladdin

Favorite Musician/Band : Elton John