‘The Office’ prospers in today’s world

The Office prospers in todays world

TV shows have always been something for people to relate to. Some shows age poorly, while others are timeless. One certain show has stood the test of time and has managed to connect with an entirely new generation. That show is “The Office.”

Despite debuting in May of 2005, “The Office” is very popular today. A big reason for this popularity is Netflix. Netflix is the biggest streaming service in the world, so basically any show that is on it can become very popular. “The Office” was the most watched show on Netflix in 2019. 

The weirdest thing about “The Office” is how it connects with young people. Everything on the show screams the time era it was from: flip phones, faxes, paper, the list just keeps going on. How does a show set in such a different time connect with a generation that has never known the world in that state? The answer is the characters, the stories and the laughs.

The characters of “The Office” are just so good. They aren’t superheroes or picture perfect. The characters seem like real people with real arcs and flaws. They all make mistakes and suffer consequences because of them. The best thought-out character is no other than Michael Scott. In the first season, he is a jerk who is mean to everyone. In season two, they decided to give him some more dimension. He turns into someone who just wants to be friends with everyone, but doesn’t always know the best way of getting there. For example: at one point he tells the CFO of Dunder Mifflin that Jim should not be the regional manager of the Scranton branch. Jim obviously gets upset and Michael says he did it because he didn’t want to lose Jim. Eventually realizing his fault, Michael compromises and tells the CFO that Jim would be a great manager. That is just one example of how great the characters are written on the show. 

The story of “The Office” is very complex. Some episodes stand alone with their own unique stories that are never brought up again. Other episodes tie in with the main storylines of the show. The main storylines of “The Office” are Jim and Pam’s love story, Michael’s quest for a family and Dwight’s journey to becoming manager. Without giving away too many plot points, the writers of the show knew what they were doing when it came to the story. Each little interaction between Jim and Pam in the first few seasons are so exciting. Because Pam is engaged to another man, the story between her and Jim is a will-they won’t-they kind of thing that keeps the audience engaged and wanting more. 

The humor of “The Office” sticks out like a sore thumb. With its “mockumentary” style it really delivers on humor. Whenever Michael says something that is just straight up horrible, you can always expect a talking head of him trying to explain how he didn’t do anything wrong. Another great use of the “mockumentary” style is Jim’s looks to the camera. If anything weird happens, you can expect Jim to look at the camera with a classic “Jim face.” The show does a phenomenal job balancing humor with drama. For example: One scene can be really funny while the next someone is crying as a result of what just happened. I can’t name another show that has that kind of range.

After reading this magnificent column about this magnificent show, I hope you give “The Office” a chance. After a few episodes, you will understand why fans keep coming back to the show, and also why it is just as popular as it was when it came out.