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Say it don’t Spray it



By Hayleigh Spray

In this day in age we like to say we try to avoid drama and rumors, that’s not the reality. Julia Roberts once said, “People love scandal. People love drama! They love stripping away the layers to see what’s really in there, and they’ll do anything – as well as make it up – to get it”.

In this column I am going to talk about an ongoing problem that’s in every community.

What is a rumor? Something that someone is telling others about that’s not true.

One silly rumor that I have recently experienced is, that people were saying I was not friends with a group or girls and this friend did not like this group or girls. But I really was friends with all of them so I had to make sure everything was good between all of us. Now we are all good and all talking again.

What is drama? Urban Dictionary defines it as something “used by people who are chronically bored or those who seek attention.”

Usually drama is the reaction that comes after a rumor has been started, but sometimes people will create their very own drama just for the attention.

My mom has said that If you don’t want the drama and rumors to start then don’t put your personal business out there. If you don’t like drama or hearing rumors then keep your personal information to yourself instead of having people out there talking about it and say it wrong and starting stuff.

That’s not the only reason drama can occur. When a big deal is made over something so simple and silly, it becomes drama. Just an example, I have mentioned to a friend of mine that another friend was getting on my nerves just that day,and the next thing I knew I had three of my friends mad at me. I got called to the counselor’s office to “resolve the issue”. Like that friend of mine still gets on my nerves sometimes, and I get on theirs, but we are still friends, so nothing really got resolved, just some unnecessary drama. Sometimes you will have to get over it and do what you can with your situation and mine does not affect me any more because i got over it and told myself to grow up.

I know way before I got into high school there would be drama. I also know that way after high school there will still be drama. So my advice is that you should not sweat the little things and don’t be in drama or start rumors. I have learned that drama is really stressful during your high school years. Same with rumors it’s a really big stressful thing in your high school years. Once again my advice is to try and stay out of drama and don’t start rumors.

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