by Taylor Burns

Our senior year is winding down faster than we could’ve ever thought, and most of us are so excited for college and to move on with our lives. PCM is a great school district, and we’re so glad to have come from here, but at this point, I think we’re ready to be done.

My year has been a roller coaster. Whoever said senior year was the easiest year of their life wasn’t doing any scholarships, online classes and taking chemistry and Accounting…Or probably even graduating.

Scholarships are killing me. I know, I know. It’ll pay off eventually, but what if it doesn’t? I am not in any sports because I’m not good at them. I have good grades, but I’m really not involved in too much (My fault, I know), so is it really going to be worth it to fill all these out?

I’m taking Composition II, and it’s really teaching me a lot about writing, but it’s all argument based. We’re writing papers like Arguments of Facts and Arguments of Definition, which are so hard. My professor just did something different with how we turn in our assignments and all the deadlines are different when we only have about 5 weeks left to add to our stress levels. 

I must have seriously messed up my schedule in middle school when we did our four-year plan because I decided I wanted to take chemistry too late, so I was stuck taking it senior year. And Accounting is so hard, so thanks Mom for making me take it. Good thing I have a boyfriend majoring in Accounting and Finance to help me.

All the things that come with graduating are really taking over most of my life. I have my graduation invites designed but still have to order them. Mom and I are waiting on a discount because they quite are expensive. This doesn’t make me feel too bad though because it seems like not a lot of my friends haven’t ordered theirs ordered. Procrastination at its finest, folks.

I haven’t ordered my wallet sized pictures yet either. Again, we’re waiting on a discount.

I have the party place booked and the time set, but have yet to figure out what type of food I want. I was thinking I could do some of my favorite dips. Is that weird? Will people be mad about that? Are they looking for a real meal? Oh well. It’s my party. I’ll have fun if they don’t.

I also need to figure out what kind of color-scheme I want my party to have. What color of table cloths, plates, napkins? Any suggestions would be helpful.

The end of the year is so surreal, and most of us are loving every stressed out time of it. It’s crazy that next year this time we’ll almost be done with our first year of college. I’m going to miss all of my friends, but I’m excited for what the future holds.