by Kinsey Phipps

Concerts. Everyone loves them; everyone has an artist they want to see live. I am a concert junky. I thought it would be a fun idea to go through some of my favorite concert experiences with you.
Logically, let’s start with my very first concert. I was in kindergarten. My mom got tickets for us to the one and only Cheetah Girls. She scored us floor tickets, which would’ve been great if I wasn’t being such a baby. Apparently, the sound or the amount of people scared me, and I had a panic attack right there. Probably 10 to 15 minutes in, I was bawling my eyes out. I had to go up to a random far-away seat to get away from the noise; it didn’t work much. If you know my mom, you know she is a metal head and a BIG concert person. She’s got a mohawk and everything. She probably wasn’t very happy that her daughter was crying at a Cheetah Girls concert.
It was 2010; I was 10 years old. This is probably one of my favorite concerts I’ve been to, even though I’m sort of ashamed. His face was plastered all over my walls, and I was in love. His name is Justin Bieber. I was way more excited than I should’ve been, but he did put on a good show. He was 16, still humble and loving his career. He wasn’t late, and he even did quite a few encores. My ten-year-old self had the best time of her life screaming the song “Baby” at the top of her lungs.
Train is a band my mom and I have loved for as long as I remember. When she said she was getting us tickets to their show at the fair, I was overjoyed. It was an exceptional show. My sister touched the lead singer of Train as we were singing our hearts out to “Marry Me.”
Winter Jam is a Christian music festival at Wells Fargo and an annual tradition with my friend Darian. We’ve been to the show together the past two years, and last year we got VIP passes. We were right in the front, probably the fourth row by the walkway. I also got to meet the lead singer of Skillet and knew the words to all their songs at the concert, which made my metalhead mom proud.
The most recent concert I’ve been to was just a couple weeks ago. I went to see Little Big Town for my sixteenth birthday. I got row-four tickets. They sound even better live, and they have such a good stage presence. Little Big Town is my favorite country band, so experiencing them live was the best.
It was fun to look back on all my past concerts. If you have been wanting to see your favorite band or musician live, you definitely should find a way. You won’t regret it.