Baccalaureate/senior awards proves blessing to students

by Kinsey Phipps

Baccalaureate is an annul event PCM and many other schools hold to commemorate the graduating seniors on their future. May 13 was when awards were received by students alike, along with numerous scholarships awarded to help send seniors off into college with a little help.
PCM Foundation/Endowment scholarships were awarded to the following: $150 was awarded to Grace Telfer, $200 to Brooke Matson, $250 to Noah Latham and Taylor Bobst, $400 to Jade Coleman and Rilee Proffitt, and $500 was awarded to Maverick McAtee, Molly Vignovich, Lucas Pendroy and Tyler Townsend.
PEO Scholarship awarded Charity Ingle and Rachel Peter with $500. PEO of Iowa Scholarship awarded Sophia Babcock with $10,000. Iowa State Bar Association American Citizen Award gave Rachel Freland $200. Metro Waste Science and Ag Scholarships awarded $1,000 to Ingle and Townsend.
Preston-Lodge Scholarship awarded Ashlyn Breckenridge with $500. Townsend got $500 from the Jasper County 4-H Scholarship. McAtee also got $500 from the East Polk Rotary Scholarship.
Iowa State University College of Agriculture & Life Sciences awarded Tanner Wilkie with $1,000. $500 was awarded to Taylor Phifer from the Korver Hazelton Scholarship. The Uri Sellers Scholarship awarded $500 to Connor Warrick and Telfer and $1,000 to Pendroy and Breckenridge. Cline Tool Scholars Award gave $9,000 to Brady Woody.
Numerous Central College Scholarships were awarded to Tristan Clark and Rachel Peter such as: $1,000 Journey Scholarship and the $14,500 Presidential Scholarship awarded to Clark and the $2,500 Trustee Scholarship, $4000 Music Major Scholarship as well as the $14,500 Presidential Scholarship to Peter.
Ingle and Breckenridge were awarded $500 from the Monroe Kiwanis Scholarship. The Kayla Boner Memorial Scholarship awarded Makenna Van Veen with $250. Warrick and Freland were awarded $500 by Two Rivers Coop. Prairie City Business Association awarded Richard Reeve and Latham with $250. Councilwoman Andrea Engle Scholarship awarded Rachel Gulling with $500. Lawerence Woody & Duane Woody Memorial Scholarship awarded Woody with $500. Clark received the $500 Mustang Mat Club Scholarship.
Leighton State Bank awarded Phifer and Van Veen with $500. Altar Rosary Society awarded $150 to Bobst. Dakota Timmins was awarded the $500 American Legion Fred Slayden Post 363 Scholarship. FFA Alumni Scholarship awarded Freland, Jerod DeVries and Townsend with $300. Telfer and Van Veen were awarded $100 from the Brian Dale Vander Linden Scholarship. Skiff Medical Center Auxiliary Scholarship was awarded to Ingle, Phifer, Warrick and Emma Williams for $1000.
The Heart of Iowa Conference Academic/Activity Awards were awarded to Peter, Warrick, Chase Keuning, McAtee, Reeve, Wade Hill and Vignovich. Vignovich also received the Bernie Saggau Award.
Great Western Bank Scholarship awarded Reeve with $200. PCM Supplies & More awarded Hill with $500. Grand Lodge of Iowa, Ancient Free & Accepted Masons “Mark Earl & Ether Ruth Spencer Technical Scholarship” awarded Townsend with $2,500.
Better Business Bureau Student of Integrity was awarded to Warrick. Monroe Women’s Club Character Award was given to Peter. Bobst was awarded the $375 from the Nelle Schalk Scholarship. Jaret Maggard and Telfer were awarded $250 from the PC Lions Scholarship. Monroe Woman’s Club Scholarship was awarded to Proffitt and Matson for $100.
Senior Academic Letters were awarded to Katie Adams, Bobst, Babcock, Drew Cummings, Sarah Katschman, Latham, Ashley Noah, Audrey Vriezelaar, Briana Wilfawn, Michael Birkenholtz, Breckenridge, Clark, Coleman, Skyler Koder, Hill, Ingle, Keuning, McAtee, Pendroy, Peter, Phifer, Proffitt, Reeve, Keith Sutton, Telfer, Timmins, Townsend, Van Veen, Vignovich, Makennah Walters, Warrick, Wilkie and Williams. 
Top Female Senior Athlete was awarded to Peter, while Top Male Senior Athlete was awarded to Trey Lindsay. State of Iowa Governor’s Scholar award was awarded to Ingle.
Numerous seniors were awarded scholarships from their chosen college. From the Army National Guard, Sutton  got Federal Tuition Assistance for $4,000 per year as well as State Tuition Assistance for $3,329 per year. Also Sutton was awarded the Montgomery G.I. Bill. From Buena Vista, Telfer was awarded the Arch Scholarship for $17,000 and the BV Grant for $3,350. Coe College gave Hill the Dean’s Scholarship for $18,500, the Coe Grant for $4,100 and the Academic Distinction Scholarship for $3,000. Dordt College awarded Vignovich the Presidential Scholarship, the JR Leadership Scholarship for $1,000 and Activity Scholarship in Softball. Grandview University awarded Alex Fraker a $1000 Soccer Scholarship. Phifer also got a scholarship from Grandview with the Presidential Scholarship of $10,0000. Iowa State University awarded Latham with the Cardinal Leadership Scholar Award of $10,000 along with the Academic Recognition Award of $7,000. Northeastern Oklahoma A & M awarded a Rodeo Scholarship to Proffitt for half tuition and half room. Simpson College awarded Cummings with an Honor Scholarship of $17,000 and the Art Award of $1,500. Simpson College awarded Ingle with numerous awards: Simpson Trustee Scholarship of $20,250, Simpson Achievement Scholarship for $2,056, Simpson Alumni Scholarship for $1,000, Experience Simpson Grant for $500 and the Simpson Wesley Service Scholar for $500. Simpson College awarded Reeve with the Honor Scholarship of $18,000. The University of Iowa awarded Katschman with $32,000 and the Iowa Scholars Award for $8,000. The University of Iowa also awarded McAtee with the Iowa Heritage Award for $6,000. The University of Northern Iowa awarded Ian Drobney with the Distinguished Scholar Award for $1,500.
Congratulations to all of the award recipients and the Class of 2015. Best of luck in the future.