Albia abases PCM soccer boys

by Ryan Kohlhof

An arduous venture to Albia was in the PCM soccer boys’ vision as they were looking for a win on Monday, May 11. Unbeknownst to the Mustangs, taking a win wasn’t going to be that easy. After the dust settled, it was Albia with the win, 11-0.
Trouble seemed to envelop the Mustangs on both sides of the ball. Albia used this to capitalize and  take the momentum, running up the score early. The Mustangs tried to circumvent Albia scoring but found this endeavor to be too much, and at half, it was Albia, 7-0. The second half was a recurrence of the first, following the same pattern of Albia holding momentum. However, PCM was not jaded by the first half, and they came out swinging, or in this case, kicking, trying to scrape up some points for a comeback. Alas, to the Mustangs’ dismay, they could not do just that, and Albia threw another four points on the board, ending the game 11-0.
The Mustang boys’ next game will be tomorrow, May 22, at North Polk, starting at 5:30 p.m.