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Thanksgiving Tips & Tricks

“Eat dessert first” -Peytyn Adamson 9


“Don’t move around a lot after you eat.” -Zaydyn Spencer 9 


“Overstuff your plate so you can eat a lot more” -Jeremiah Heaton 9


“Don’t eat lunch but eat a small breakfast” -Levi Edgett 9


“Lamb is better than Turkey and Ham” -Gus Nolin 9


“Do not eat the night before, kinda like fasting” -Josie Mccarrville 9


Bring a bunch of containers so you can steal all the food” -Brighton Ingle 9


Be conformable all around. comfy pants and shirt. My family eats in the living room with standing trays so we are all on the couch and we watch movies while eating all we can in our sweatpants.” -Lilly Hartz 9


“Take many naps” -Carolyn Burkett 10


“Try everything at least once” -Zach Meador 10


“Wear a loose and not heavy shirt so you can eat more food and not get hot.” -Piper Clark 10


“Eat dessert first because sugar expands your stomach” -Evan Jones 10


“Don’t eat until you have the big dinner so you can eat everything that you want” -Harrison Brinegar 10


“Watch the football games” -Brock Barnett 10


“To plan Friendsgiving at the same time as family Thanksgiving so I don’t have to go to the family one” -Raegan Vannoy 10


“Baste your turkey with cranberry sauce” -Ajla Alicic 10


“Help cook the food that way you are closer to the front of the line so you can get your food faster.” -Sophia Hiebert 10


“Take a drink of water instead of sugary drinks when you start getting full. It helps get you hungry again.” – Delilah Miranda 12


“Wear pjs so you can be comfortable all day and you can take a nap after you eat all the food” -Addyson Hegwood 12


“Clean dishes and take out trash the night before celebration and prepare the table the night before” -Brianna Sutphin 12


“Show up with an empty stomach so then you can eat more than you usually would” -Clayton Waldrop 12


“Don’t eat lunch so you can stuff your face for dinner. Sit where there isn’t as much food at the table because then you aren’t caught putting food on people’s plates.” -Sam McDonald 12


“Never tell Americans that you have been to Turkey, because when I told them they thought I was crazy” -Meylis Myradov 12


“Always have appetizers so you can eat while you prepare the rest of the meal!” -Kim Pettyjohn (Staff)


“If you overcook the turkey, use chicken broth to moisten the meat and add flavor.” -Jesse DeGeest (Staff)


“Don’t eat breakfast, take plenty of naps and pace yourself” -Logan Biegler (Staff)


“Here’s a tip that my grandmother taught me. If you cover your Turkey with a strip of Cheesecloth and baste on top of it with melted butter and white wine, it will help brown your turkey and also make it extra juicy.” -Charity Abbott (Staff)


“Buy a designated Thanksgiving sweatshirt (i.e. “Turkey Season”) so you don’t have to think about your outfit every year and no one can see your food baby as it grows.” -Jenny Morrett (Staff)


“Take a biscuit, mashed potatoes, gravy, sauce, and turkey to create a lunch sandwich with the leftovers the morning after.” -Thomas Riordan (Staff)




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