Henning: Next icon


by Clay Cooper

Mr. Matthew Henning has entered the building after last year’s retirement of the legendary science
teacher Mr. Mike Ballard. Ballard’s shoes will be hard to fill, but with Henning’s humor and experience, he just might have what it takes.
While in college, Henning switched his major many times, but when he finally took an education class, it was like a lightbulb lit up above his head. He realized teaching was his jam. It required a variety of interests he had, and finding a job like that is rare.
The 39 year old from Decorah Iowa, teaches Physics, Chemistry and Physical Science. He has two wishes for his first year: To make every student better thinkers, and for every student of his to pass his class.
“I am excited, very excited, about the opportunity I have to work with such an outstanding group of students. I have been pleasantly surprised by the degree of cooperation and respect I have encountered at PCM. I am looking forward to seeing great things from my PCM students.” Henning said.
Henning has a method he likes to use to remember everyone’s name by a certain date. After Sept. 10, if he pronounces a student’s name incorrectly, he gives them a polished rock as a reward. He has done this to three students: Junior D.J. St. Pierre, freshman Jordan Simpson and freshman Turner Nearmyer.
St. Pierre said, “It was the best thing that has happened in my life and a kickstarter to my career in rock collecting.”
Besides polishing rocks, Henning likes to play the banjo, fix old cars and do film photography.
He said, “If I had one superpower, it would have to be the ability to fly. I spend so much time walking down to the printer, and if I could just fly down to the printer, that would be awesome.”