Davis’s retirement: End of an era at PCM

Daviss retirement: End of an era at PCM

by Tyler Foster

Mr. Jerry Davis has spent many years at PCM, and he has taught many students over that time. He is a history teacher at PCM. The classes he teaches are American History, Government I and II, and this year, he added World History to his repertoire. He is famously known by PCM students for his tremendous stories and vast knowledge of our great nation’s past history.
As for some of his favorite moments at PCM, Davis said, “When we did our D-Day reenactment, it was a lot of fun; the kids learned a lot and have so much fun in the process. We have also done a parachute school, where we talk to kids about jumping out of airplanes. Specifically, we talk about the paratroopers from the WWI and WWII era.”
Davis has been very thankful for his experience at PCM and has loved his transition out to the portable classroom. “Coming out to the portable was very unique. Everyone who has taught out here has loved it so much. We have been very fortunate for this experience.”
He has a true passion for history and believes it’s so interesting to be driving by somewhere and see a place where something incredible happened. He loves to teach history, and some of his favorite units include things like the Old West and the Civil War.
“I just love talking about the cowboys and gunfighters. The Civil War is pretty cool, too. The kids really do enjoy history. I mean, who doesn’t love to learn about things like the evolution of Rock and Roll, and listening to all the great songs? When you are studying history, you are studying life. When people say they don’t like history, it bothers me. I think the reason is, is because they just haven’t looked at it right.”
His one comment to students is that he hopes their education never stops and that they have learned something along the way. “What we are trying to do here is become better citizens. Figuring out where we came from and from where we have been are essential to, then figure out where we are going.”