Close game closes with PCM loss

by Ryan Kohlhof

The PCM soccer boys hit the road Thursday, April 23, to play Chariton for the second time of the season. After a long night of intense battle, PCM replayed their last game against Chariton with a loss, 2-1.
The Mustangs seemed to have the most momentum in the beginning, holding onto the ball for the longest time in the first half. However, a Chariton score kept the lead from them.
Into the second half, it was still a 1-0 lead with Chariton ahead, but PCM was eager to score. Freshman Tony Merrill for PCM took a score fairly early in the second, leaving the score 1-1. From then on, it was constant fighting tooth and nail.
With the battle for the ball equal on both sides, neither team had a chance to score. This led them into overtime. Ten minutes, first score wins. The ball went back and forth, but with such an even match, neither team could score.
Another ten minutes were thrown up on the clock. Constantly battling for the ball, the teams and the fans were all wondering how long the stalemate would last. As time ran thin, Chariton had a break and just barely tucked the ball into the goal, winning the game.
“Overall, pretty good intensity from start to finish,” Head Coach Darrin Telfer said. “We got a lot of good minutes from a lot of players on the team. In OT, we had to dig deep, and we did, but we just couldn’t pull out with the victory.”
PCM’s boys will play tonight April 39th, at West Central Valley High School, but the starting times have yet to be announced.