PCM students benefit from QPR Training


On April 21 a handful of PCM High school students took part in a small group QPR training course. QPR stands for Question. Persuade. Refer. and is designed to help people learn how to help individuals dealing with suicidal thoughts or other mental health crisis. 

During the training students listened and talked through a presentation with the QPR group leaders. The leaders also shared their personal experience with mental health crisis and suicide while sharing their project they created the, “I’m Glad You Stayed Project” This project is based out of Iowa City, Iowa and promotes helping those who are struggling with mental health crisis and suicide prevention. The session also allowed these students to talk about their experiences and have a free space to ask questions and get support. 

Additionally the students were given an insight on what you should know about your loved ones to make sure they are safe. This includes phone numbers of family of the loved one, address, and the best way to reach them. They were also given the numbers to Iowa Mental Health Crisis Line. If you or a loved one is in need of support you can call them at 855-581-8111 or text them at 855-895-8398. If you are worried about someone in a suicidal state in real time it is important to call 911 first. 

This session was organized by senior Trey Voeller. 

The I’m Glad You Stayed Project along with QPR also had a booth at the mental health fair that day. 

To support the I’m Glad You Stayed Project you can follow them on Instagram @imgladyoustayedproject or visit their website: www.imgladyoustayedproject.org.