PCM cheer team closes season with end of year banquet


On March 6, PCM Cheer coaches Amy Brundage and Lindsay Landwehr held an end of year banquet for all three cheer teams including football cheer, wrestling cheer, and basketball cheer. This year’s banquet was made extra special by the coaches. The girls and their families enjoyed a pasta bar and cupcakes to celebrate their fantastic season. A video was made by senior Lily Ladehoff to highlight the season along with both coaches talking about how memorable the season was to each other. 

“We just wanted to show how proud of you we are and how you have all grown this last year. We feel the banquet should be a big thing showing everyone’s teamwork and our appreciation for everyone. We are hoping to make cheerleading a big thing again like it was back in Amy and my day. And we want these girls to be seen as athletes and to get a spot in that trophy case,” said cheer coach Lindsay Landwehr.

Varsity letters were given out to Seniors, Savanna Disney, Lily Ladehoff, Isabelle Lorton, and Haley VanderKamp. Juniors, Tiffani Koonce, Lexi Fry, and Hope Bonham. Sophomores, Ryanne Helton, Katie VanderKamp, Kylie Lewis, Manami Tsuchiya, Jaylyn Devries, Chloe Greiner, Charlotte Landwehr, Taylor Fairbanks, and Léane Vautier. Freshman Alyssa Buckingham, Kylie Tuller, Paiten Rumbaugh, Sophia Hiebert, Darbi McDonald, Grace Derry, Joclyn Burg, Addison Beeener, and Peyton Rardin.

The coaches also awarded 10 out of the 25 cheerleaders special awards in acknowledgment of qualities such as spirit, leadership, commitment, improvement, and other qualities demonstrated above and beyond throughout the season. Recipients of these special awards include Ladehoff, Lorton, Bonham, Devries, Fairbanks, Greiner, Rumbaugh, Tuller, Burg, and Derry.

With the conclusion of the 2022-2023 cheer season, tryouts for the upcoming 2023-2024 season including JV and Varsity for football, wrestling, and basketball along with State Competition Team will be held April 8 at the PCM Middle School Gym at 9:00 a.m. Required practices for the tryout will be April 5 and 6 from 3:30-5:30 p.m. also located at the PCM Middle School Gym. More information along with an interest survey is located online on the PCM Cheer Facebook page.