Landen VanFleet, AKA Lord Farquaad

Landon VanFleet is a freshman here at PCM. He is Notoriously known as Lord Farquaad by many students. The first time I saw him he looked familiar like someone or something I have seen before. Then I heard someone say Farquaad and I realized that is who he looks like. His hair parted in the middle flows the exact same. I had to go up to him and say that he looks so much like Lord Farquaad. I never knew his actual name for months of having Crafts with him every day. He made one of our projects which was a paper mache letter, his letter was LF and it stood for Lord Farquaad but I never thought of him being called any other name. Till one day the teacher was doing roll call and she said Landon, I was so confused on who she was talking about because I didn’t know anyone in the class name was Landon. I asked the other people who were sitting at my table who that was and they pointed at him and I just laughed because I thought he was just Lord Farquaad. I never called him Landon; he has always been Lord Farquaad or just Farquaad. Many of the students know him as Lord Farquaad, mainly the upperclassmen. He doesn’t mind being called Farquaad since so many people have been calling him that since the first week of the year.