9 PCM Dance Team members dance in All-Iowa


PCMDT Members on the Wells Fargo Arena floor before All-Iowa performance.

On Aug. 27 2022, the six selected PCM Dance Team members traveled to Newton High School to audition for the 2023 All-Iowa Honor Dance Team. All six made the team with Savanna Disney, Jaylyn Devries, and Addison Shannon selected for the Pom section, Lily Ladehoff and Avery Houser selected for the Kick section, and Chloe Greiner being selected for the Pre-Game performance. However closer to the performance the PCM Dance team was asked to bring three alternates due to other schools dropping out or potential illness. 

The girls along with coaches Lainy Wilson-Curry and Kim Pettyjohn headed to Grand View University for their first rehearsal on March 2, for the All-Iowa Honor Dance Team performance at the 4A IGHSAU Girls State Basketball Championship Game. During the first practice all three alternates were put into the big routine with Ryan Bennett and Carly Steenhoek being placed in the Pom portion and Chloe Griener being moved to the Pom portion and Isabelle Lorton being put in the Kick Routine. This is a big deal because the maximum number of dancers from one school is normally six and some schools don’t even have all six make the team. 

98 high school dance teams were represented in this year’s All-Iowa performance. 

ISDTA Executive Director, Andrea Dana says, “The best part is seeing all these schools from across the state of Iowa come together and become a team.”

Over 550 dancers auditioned for the 302 positions. Rehearsals for the performance are pretty strenuous as the routine has to come together in only three days. The team had a five hour rehearsal after school on that Thursday, a 7 hour rehearsal Friday, and multiple rehearsals on the Saturday of the performance. 

On Saturday March 4, all 9 girls danced in the performance which included two sections together, a kick section, a pom section, and an ending section. This was the 42nd year of the All-Iowa Honor Dance Team performance. This year included the first ever pom switch between dancers in addition to trying a new ending formation.

If you missed the performance you can stream it on the All-Iowa Honor Dance Team’s YouTube channel!