PCM Choir holds Pops Concert

PCM Choir holds Pops Concert

The PCM High School Choir will be performing on Tuesday, March 7, in the high school gym at 7:00 p.m. with the fifth through eighth graders joining them. The theme of the concert will be decades. All of the grades will have a different decade that they have been assigned. 

Thomas Riordan, the PCM High School choir director, is most excited about seeing all of the talent in the middle school and elementary school that will be coming up into the  high school in the future. 

“It is a really good recruitment and retention tool for the kids that are in the concert. They get to see what it is going to be like to be in a high school choir. It really helps with our current eighth graders seeing the Jazz Choir and things that they can be involved in so they keep it in their schedule,” explains Riordan.

The younger students will be able to see what they will be looking forward to in high school. They will see all of the talent that the older students have built in the past few years and will become excited for their future. 

Riordan’s favorite concert is a tie between two.

“I think that the first concert is really cool because it is the testing ground for a new group. The spring concert is the other one because it is a senior send off and senior awards.”