What it’s like doing two sports


Will Vanderpool playing soccer. He is a dual sport athlete with track and soccer at the same time.

Last year I started doing both soccer and track during the spring. It is a very busy schedule but sitting down and talking to Mr. Swink about which events you will be going to if there is a track meet and a soccer game on the same day you will have to pick which one you are going to. I choose to go to soccer games because it is more of a team sport and the team relies on you more in soccer than track. Practices here at PCM are at different times so they don’t interfere with each other. Track practices are right after school when soccer starts around the time track practice is getting done. Some may think that anyone doing both sports would get really tired from going from one practice straight into the other. I don’t really get tired from doing both but sometimes with all the running it makes me sore. At the start of soccer practice they do a warm up run but for the people that are in track they don’t have to do it since they just got done doing a running workout. 

Things that people should do while doing both soccer and track will need to do is drink a lot of water because they will be burning a lot of water having two practices. Another thing is having a good diet like eating good foods while eating a good amount of protein and eating fruits and vegetables. Having a good diet will help keep your body mobile and not cramp. Stretching will keep your muscles from being tight or cramping so you can perform at your best for both sports. Getting eight to 12 hours of sleep at night will help rest your body and have enough energy for having two practices five days a week. 

I personally like doing both track and soccer because I’m in a few events and in soccer I play a lot. In track I throw shot put, discus, and run any 100m race. Doing both sports also helps keep me active in the spring. I would advise some people to do both sports but it’s not for everyone because some people don’t have the drive or energy in a day to do both sports. If you do both sports you have to be all in for both sports otherwise you’re just wasting everyone else’s time that are putting in the work.