Announcement: Band Pop’s concert

Announcement: Band Pops concert

he PCM High School band will be performing at 7:00 p.m. on Feb. 23 in the high school gym with the fifth through eighth graders. The high school band will be performing songs within a musical theme. 

Timarie LaFoy selected three songs that the high school band will be performing. 

“We will be playing a medley from the Phantom of the Opera, My Shop from Hamilton and a medley of Le Miz,” LaFoy said.

The Pop’s Concert is an exciting time because the younger students will be looking at what they will be participating in in the future. LaFoy speaks about some exciting things that she is ready for with the concert approaching. 

“I’m most excited for this concert because the audience is going to be able to connect better than at our other concerts, these are tunes that they know that they heard and that they love and it’s just fun for the kids to play something that they can immediately recognize.”