Boys’ soccer succumbs to Chariton

by Ryan Kohlhof

It was a dark and gloomy eve. The players and fans from both sides were soaked to the bone, whether it was sweat, or from the constant beat down of mist. Thursday, April 10, Chariton came to face the defending Mustang soccer boys, which ended in a Mustang loss, 3-2.
At first it was an even fight, as both teams would take the ball down field, only to be stolen and sent back. While the game progressed, PCM was entering into a sticky situation, with Chariton scoring little by little. Second half found both teams fighting furiously, as Chariton was trying to keep its score up, while PCM was rallying to take the lead. With time running out and no score on the board, PCM had to kick it into overdrive. First, as luck would have it, freshman Drew Johnson managed to pull of his first high school career goal.
“I’m excited to be playing!” Johnson said. “I sprained my ankle earlier in the season so that was my first game and goal of the season.  I’d like to thank Zach Read who fed me that beautiful cross. I have never had a “header” before so that made the goal even more special. Definitely ready to get back out there this Thursday.
Johnson’s goal gave the PCM’s boys enough momentum to then again take the ball up field and have sophomore Zach Read tuck the ball away right where it belonged, giving PCM its second goal of the night. With time on the clock nearing zero, PCM did not have enough time to even the score.
“We didn’t give up and kept fighting, even though we were down 3-0,” Head Coach Darrin Telfer said. “We are seeing the right things to do, just not executing all the time. We need to work on control, possession and communication.”
The PCM boys will next play tonight, April 16, at home against Nevada starting at 5:30, followed by tomorrow at Centerville starting at 7:00.