Emma’s explanations

Emmas explanations

In this week’s column I’ll be expressing to all of you lovely people why I think new year’s resolutions are slightly annoying and unproductive. Now I realize that this may sound very harsh and if you are one of those people who participate in this then I am truly sorry and I hope that they all work out for you but I’m just speaking my truth here. 

I did a quick little investigation like the amazing journalist I am, on our favorite search engine, Google. The common answer between all of the different websites says that only about 9-10 percent of all people who create new year’s resolutions actually see their resolutions to succession. That is such an insanely small number of people who actually follow through with their goals making it the main reason why I just can’t stand them. Not to mention that a lot of these people are already quitting them within the first week or two. 

Listen I’m all for living your best life, in fact I advocate for romanticizing your life and living it to its full potential. Making changes in your life is such an important step to lead you to a happier, more fulfilling life but is waiting till the new year to start improving your life really a productive way to do it? Personally, I think the answer to that question is an obvious no. If you want change don’t wait for the new year to roll around for a “fresh start”. Why not start actively doing what you can to make it happen?

Another thing that just drives me insane about the new year is the phrase “new year, new me”. We’ve all heard it before and I’m not going to lie. I myself have said it in the past but since being on this little journey of finding my passions and what will make my life feel full, this phrase is something I no longer allow myself to say. To me a goal isn’t something that should make you a “new person”. It should be something that improves who you already are. 

Now that I’ve bashed everything about new year’s resolutions, here is my advice on how to alter your life in a way that’s actually achievable and productive. 2022 may have been the worst year of my life, I’ve had a few life altering moments in the past year. I was tired of being stuck, feeling lost and misunderstood so I decided to make small changes in my life to change the narrative. One thing I wanted to do was go to the gym consistently, for me working out and running is a key element in upkeep of my mental health. To be able to achieve this goal I had to find a purpose for why I was going, which was to improve my mental health and find a healthy outlet when I’m feeling down. 

Here are a few tips on how I have made my way to living a more fulfilling life. Find joy in the little things- this can be anything, watching the sunset, a wholesome interaction with the cashier, smiling at strangers, listening to music at absurd levels, literally anything that makes you happy- romanticize it. Find a purpose in everything you do- why are you doing this? What about it makes you happy? What are your intentions? Make goals and map out how you’re going to achieve it. Go big, but then break that big goal down into smaller steps that will allow you to work your way to it. Don’t wait around for a new year to start these, start now. With that being said, I hope 2023 is the most amazing year for all of you beautiful people.