Early-graduating seniors share their thoughts


List of seniors who are graduating early.

Jack Eighmey, ThunderTV Editor

Every year at PCM High School, there are always a few students who graduate early. Most of the time, these students make the decision to graduate early during their junior year or prior in order to plan out what credits they will need in order to meet graduation requirements a semester early. Those requirements include obtaining all 48 PCM class credits like any other graduating senior, along with all other requirements like a vocational credit, fine arts credit, and physical education credits. A form was sent out to those students where some of them shared their reasons for graduating early along with their future plans. 

Carter Birkenholtz wants to graduate early because he is ready to work full-time, hopefully as a lineman or diesel technician. The highlight of his senior year has been spending time with friends.

Gavin Vanbaale is graduating early so he can go to basic training in the Army National Guard followed by college. 10 years from now, he sees himself still in the National Guard and he likes to hunt in his free time. 

Karter Stallings chose to graduate early because he is not the biggest fan of school and he enjoys working. He plans on opening his own custom car shop with his friends after going to a work program for auto body technicians. His favorite part of this year was messing around with his friends at school.

Early Graduate Caleb Kuefner said, “I am tired of school and ready to start working during the day and make good money. I want a truck and house and had the credits so I thought why not graduate early.” He wants to be an electrician at Baker Group or a plumber at Schlievert, and his favorite part of the year has been counting down the days till his last. 

Hannah Ponxs is graduating early to get a head start on college and hopefully get two degrees in four years or less. Like Kuefner, she also wants to be an electrician for a big company, specifically specializing in putting in low voltage wiring into houses. She starts DMACC in January. 

Isaac Jones chose to graduate early because he fulfilled all of his credit requirements for high school. Afterward, he wants to go to JobCore and become a decal mechanic. His favorite part of the year was getting to see all of his favorite teachers. 

Colin Kelley already has a business to run, so he is hoping graduating early will give him more time to do so. He hopes that he is still running some kind of successful business 10 years from now. 

Allana Klein wants to get a head start on saving money. Her future plans are currently undecided, but she hopes to get a good, long-term career along with extra time to do her many hobbies.

Betsy McClellan said that, “School has been a struggle for me for my entire life. Graduating early has opened a door for new opportunities. I am so excited to move on to a new chapter in my life.” She plans to go to DMACC for two semesters, then get a masters in social degree from UNI. 

If students want to graduate early their senior year, they should meet with Mr. Michael to make sure their schedule is set up to fulfill all the graduation requirements by the fall semester of their senior year.