Brock Purdy taking NFL by storm

Because of injuries, Brock Purdy is now starting for the San Francisco 49ers. Photo by

 Brock Purdy is taking the NFL by storm. He is proving that he is indeed ready to play and start in the National Football League. Brock Purdy also known as Mr. Irrelevant since he was picked very last in the NFL draft and No.262 in the very last round. The first game that Prudy got to play in came in week 7 against the chiefs hes didn’t play a lot but he threw nine passes and completed 4 of them for 66 yards with no touchdowns and one interception. That doesn’t seem like that is a very good start for his career but he was the third string quarterback playing late in his first game that they were losing in. But since week 7 Purdy has started and played week 13, 14 and fifteen which have all been wins for the 49ers. Week 13 against the Dolphins a team that many NFL fans were thinking are going to the super bowl this year. The Niners won 33-17, Brock threw a total of 37 passes and completed 25 of them for 210 yards with 2 touchdowns to one interception. The Dolphins are a very good team and for Brock Purdy to beat them in his first ever NFL start is very good for him and his team. In week fourteen of the NFL season the Niners played the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and for importantly Tom Brady. Brock Purdy is the first quarterback in NFL history to beat Tom in one of his first NFL starts. Purdy threw 21 passes and completed 16 of them with two touchdown passes and 0 interceptions. His quarterback rating for that game was 134 which is very very good for quarterbacks and he is a brand new quarterback to the league which makes it even more impressive. Week fifteen was against the Seattle Seahawks with Geno Smith as their quarterback he is also knew to the starting spot despite being in the NFL for many years. This is the first year he has started and he has been on a tear witch having a very good season. But Purdy shut them out as well winning that game 21-13 with 26 passes and completing 17 of them. He threw for 217 yards with two touchdowns and 0 interceptions. Purdy is doing very well in his first couple of games and with him and his defense playing like they are The Super Bowl or a deep playoff run are definitely in the future for Brock and his team.