New workouts vamp up Fitness class


by Gunnar Davis

If you attended Fitness class three months ago and compared it to Fitness class today, you definitely would see a difference. You’d walk in and notice right off the bat different things, such as workouts on the whistle, or new power lifts. Overall, there is more energy in the class.
Fitness Instructor James Nolin says that new lifts he’s incorporated include functional power lifts. Things like Power Snatch and Power Clean. Also, the students are doing more core work.
“We’ve done some of these things in the past,” Nolin said. “But we’re trying to focus on lifts, either olympic or power lifts off the ground, that will help us in all of our different sports.”
Also introduced to the class are whistle workouts and metabolic workouts. Gone are the do-it-yourself lifts and slow-paced lifting that will allow you to wast time in the weight room.
Now, so much is happening that there’s no time for messing around. Workouts now have high energy to them.
“The high tempo has got people actually trying and working for something,” junior Ryan Kohlhof said. “It’s nice to go in there and watch everyone working hard. There’s just a lot of motivation and sweat being strewn around.”
Many rumors have been ying that these workouts are only for football players. But Nolin is quick to dismiss that notion.
“The program that we’re running is a program that will benefit all of our athletes in all of our athletic programs,” he said, “just because it utilizes so many different movement patterns and energy systems.”
The change was made has gotten positive feedback from all classes, and Nolin says that his students have stepped up to the challenge.