PCM’s Christmas list

Sophomore Jaylyn DeVries being asked about her Christmas list.

Rylee Gallaher

Sophomore Jaylyn DeVries being asked about her Christmas list.

Would you be able to list your top three things that you are wishing for this Christmas? When going around the school, students were struggling to think of their top three things they would have on their list. With it being the first week of November many people do not yet have their Christmas list ready. 

With the research from many websites it concluded that the most wished for items for teenagers this Christmas season would be a room makeover, some type of gift cards for food or drinks and the last thing was any type of entertainment like video games or electronics. 

A few students were asked about their top three things that they are wishing for this season. After going to a few students that did not have a list yet prepared, a few students that were asked did have their top three items. 

Senior Ian Palmer wished for only a few things this year, but not usual items that most high school students ask for. 

“My top three things on my Christmas list are new wheels for my truck, a tattoo and a new watch.” 

Evan Jones, a freshman, did not have a long list this year. His top three things that he would like to receive included Swindell merchandise and some new pants for Christmas.

“Swindell Speedlab merch, jeans and joggers are my top three things.” 

Junior Ella Schendel is hoping to get some new shoes, a water bottle and new Lululemon joggers this year. 

 “I am hoping for a pair of tennis shoes, a pair of Lululemon joggers, and a Yeti water bottle.” 

Jaylyn DeVries, a sophomore, had a very long list to choose from this year. She had printed off four pages worth of things she would like to get this year. Her top three things this year are a vacation, a GoldenDoodle and a computer. 

“Vacation, Golden Doodle, MacBook Pro are my top three things on my Christmas list.” 

Would you consider any of these items to be on your list this year? When might be a reasonable time to have a completed Christmas list? Parents might already be asking for Christmas lists to get the best deals on the items that you are wishing for.