PCM music programs perform in fall concert

On Nov. 1 the PCM High School Choir and Band performed their annual fall concert.


Lily Ladehoff

The PCM High School choir sings in their concert on Nov. 1.

Lily Ladehoff, staff writer

Led by Thomas Riordon the choir sang four pieces consisting of, “Now I Walk in Beauty”, “O Sacrum”, “Malkatumba” and “Eligh Rock.” Each song was carefully picked by Riordon as most of them hold cultural or religious significance. The choir is divided into different voice parts to fit various range levels in each member. These sections all were highlighted in a round in the song “Now I Walk in Beauty,” The choir student’s favorite piece, “Malkatatumba” featured soloists Isabelle Lorton, Eleigh Davis, Emilyn Davis and Keira Stone. This song also included body percussion along with each voice part singing different parts. The choir portion ended with “Eligh Rock” which is a popular religious choral song that was the most challenging for the students. 

“I think that for the difficulty of music that we did and that this is the first time I programmed four pieces instead of just two, we did really well and not even just the choir but also the band. We could have kept going but as a snapshot of the choir I think we performed really good for where we are at as a choir. I think it’s really impressive the things we showed in each piece that maybe you wouldn’t notice in the audience. Overall one of my better concerts teaching here at PCM,” said Riordon. 

After the choir’s portion of the concert Band Director Timarie Lafoy shared with the audience the success of the PCM marching band and their success at many marching competitions including major overall score improvement and a division 1 rating at the State Marching Band competition held in Pella, Iowa. After her speech the Marching Mustangs Marched into the gym with the drum line’s cadence. Then they played through the entirety of their marching band music entitled, “Evermore” while including body and horn visuals. Their music features soloist Zach Roorda on Clarinet. The PCM Color Guard performed alongside the band using flags and doing choreography to the music. 

“They played really well and they have come a long way with their dynamics and visuals and overall performing in front of people,” said Lafoy. 

The PCM music programs will perform again on Dec. 19. in a Winter Concert featuring holiday tunes. Make sure to come and support these talented student musicians!

The PCM Band plays at their concert on Nov. 1. (Lily Ladehoff)
The PCM High School choir sings in their concert on Nov. 1. (Lily Ladehoff)