Don’t Worry Darling movie review

Last week I watched Don’t Worry Darling for the first time and let me tell you, it was amazing. Starring Florence Pugh and Harry Styles, this movie is an experience. You could tell that many long hours were put into it. Olivia Wilde, the producer, starred in this movie as well as Bunny, who is Florence’s best friend during the movie. I am going to warn you that I will be telling some spoilers in the movie so read at your own risk. 

The movie takes place in this little suburban town in the 1950s, when women would stay home and do housework while men were away at work for the day. In the movie the men go and work on this project called the Victory Project. This project is kept secret from the wives. To the men in the neighborhood this project means the world. Depending on what rank you have, that’s how you are treated and seen. 

During one of the dinner parties at Frank, the leader of the victory project’s house, one of the men’s wives started yelling and making these accusations about the community and how none of it is real. She was then forced out of the party and was told that she was crazy but that event made Alice, played by Florence Pugh, question the community, the project, and everything in it. She starts to realize that there was something off about the place she lives. One day Alice was riding the trolley to clear her mind and she saw a plane crash right over headquarters, the only place you are not allowed to go. She then freaks out and tells the trolley driver to pull over and help. He says no, so she goes all the way out there and looks for the plane but finds nothing. Instead of going all the way to where she thought the plane landed, she goes to headquarters. Once there she touched the glass windows and saw a different life, but it was her in it. 

After that experience she just got worse. Alice would have flashbacks of memories but she wouldn’t be able to go back or understand what they meant. Throughout the movie it got real bad and she finally figured out what was wrong. I’m not gonna tell you how it ends but it was an emotional roller coaster. This movie had me on my seat the whole time. The music played a big role. It was suspenseful, happy, and sad at the same time. Flo and Harry’s voices match so well in this movie. In all I think the movie was a 9/10. I definitely would go back to the theater and watch it. And I recommend that you do the same.