What age should kids stop trick or treating?


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Child in Halloween costume. Mixed race Asian and Caucasian kids and parents trick or treat on street. Little boy and girl with pumpkin lantern and candy bucket. Baby in witch hat. Autumn holiday fun.

Trick or treating is an event during Halloween which many young people participate in at night. They usually dress up in costumes and knock at doors in their neighborhood to get candy or some other treat, and they can see a lot of faces they’ve never seen before. But when should you stop? Many people stop going during their teenage years, but some people can go on for a while into adulthood until they don’t want to do it anymore.

In my case, I stopped at around 13 years old. I realized I could just get my own candy, and I would actually have the candy that I want. Some families just pick really weird candies that no one likes. Going to a store and picking a costume that I like just took too long and took too much effort for me to want to do it. Even putting the costume on was annoying, I felt that I could just go out without a costume and it would be the same. I always felt that I would be better off being the candy giver than the candy taker. When I was 12 years old, I still went trick or treating, but I didn’t feel very good about it. 

Some people say that 15 to 18 years old is around the time that you should stop trick or treating. Some people say around 10, but I think it actually depends on the person. If you’re 20 and you still go, that’s fine.

I got some people to answer if and when they stopped going.

Carter Leager – 7th grade

Heather Jessen – 10

Jack Jungling – 6th grade

Jamisen Sparks – still goes

Joel Greiner – 7th grade

Ryan Braun – 12

William Vanderpool – 13