Marching Mustangs going full speed ahead


Eleigh Davis

The PCM marching band prictices every day before school at 7 a.m.

Eleigh Davis, staff writer

With the school year starting up it means that marching band season is in full effect. This season the PCM Marching Mustangs have been working hard since late summer, with band camps and early morning practices before school everyday at 7 a.m. They have been working on perfecting and running drill as well as making sure the music is perfect. So far the Marching Mustangs have had two competitions, one at Johnston and the other at Pella. The first competition went okay but they had plenty of feedback to work off of. After they performed they had a clinic where they learned what they did wrong and how to perfect it for the next performance. With this the Marching Mustangs worked hard towards their next performance and did better than the last one. 

The Marching Mustangs director, Timarie LaFoy, has been working them  hard this year. This is LaFoy’s second year at PCM and she has worked hard trying to make this band better than ever. She has seen a lot of improvement throughout the season when it comes to marching and fundamentals to music and different tempos. LaFoy is very happy about how the season is going so far.

¨I think the season is going really well so far. We have a really strong leadership team that has set really high goals and are working really hard to obtain them,” LaFoy said. 

Lafoy has worked hard trying to make the Marching Mustangs ready for each competition. Some of her goals include, division one at state, be in the top three at every competition and that everyone has fun this year. 

The Marching Mustangs have three weeks left in their season. They have two more competitions this year, one at Urbandale on Oct. 1 and State which will be at Pella this year on Oct. 15.