Foods II fills hole in PCM hearts

by Ryan Kohlhof

For 15 years now, around Valentine’s day, PCM’s very own Foods II class has been making cookies and selling them as a business simulation. Each year, students make fliers and sell cookies, and then they spend the week before Valentine’s day making and decorating the cookies. They also let buyers request special messages and colors on the cookies they buy for themselves, friends, or secret admirers. Foods II students are not in it for the money,though; they just use the project to help prepare themselves for the business world.
“The kids take ownership in it,” Foods Teacher Mrs. Denise Young said. “By the advertising, sales making, packaging and delivering, they are in charge of it all. The only thing I do is buy the groceries. The kids enjoy it,and it’s a good experience for them.”
The money made, at $1.25 per cookie, goes to future labs for Young’s class. The cookies are delivered at lunch on Valentine’s day, unless, like this year, the holiday falls on a weekend. This year, cookies will come a day earlier on Friday the 13th.