SOTM: May 2022


Durant Van Dyke (Left) and Gracelyn Nickelson (Right)

Name : Gracelyn Nickelson
Nickname : Grace
Parents : Lacey and David Nickelson
Employer(s) : Monroe Foods
Future Plans : Attend the University of Iowa

Extracurricular Activities : Varsity Soccer and Speech
Three words that describe me : Persistant and Open-Minded
Favorite Classes : Any art or Henning class
Advice for underclassmen : Don’t get behind on school work
Best high school memory : N/A
Dream job : Historian at a muesum
Favorite book : N/A
Favorite movie : Any of the Hunger Games

Favorite Musician/Band : Taylor Swift


Name : Durant Van Dyke
Nickname : N/A
Parents : Niles and Julie Van Dyke
Employer(s) : Uncle (farmhand)
Future Plans : DMACC Ankeny for two years to recieve AA degree then to four year university to study business management

Extracurricular Activities : Football, Baseball, Basketball, FCA, NHS
Three words that describe me : Team Player, Disciplined, Courteous
Favorite Classes : Shop, Personal Finance
Advice for underclassmen : Time is precious, never wish it away
Best high school memory : Playing in the UNI dome junior year football
Dream job : Starting a small business with my older brother flipping houses
Favorite book : Where the Red Fern Grows

Favorite movie : The Blindside

Favorite Musician/Band : Luke Combs