SOTM: March 2022


Chris VerHeul

Keaton Thomas (Left) and Brooklyn Pettyjohn (Right)

Name : Brooklyn Pettyjohn
Nickname : N/A
Parents : Kim and Jeramey Pettyjohn
Employer(s) : Priscilla and Jim Peterson
Future Plans : Attend the University of Iowa as a Psychology Major

Extracurricular Activities : PCM Dance Team, Wilson Dance Company choreographer, NHS, Track manager
Three words that describe me : Determined, Honest, Empathetic
Favorite Classes : Spanish and Psychology
Advice for underclassmen : Only do it if it makes you happy
Best high school memory : Sleeping on my deck with my dance team
Dream job : Travel Agent
Favorite book : We Were Liars
Favorite movie : I don’t really watch TV

Favorite Musician/Band : I enjoy all genres of music, so I don’t really have a favorite


Name : Keaton Thomas
Nickname : N/A
Parents : Peter and Lori Thomas
Employer(s) : Midlands
Future Plans : Attend Iowa State University

Extracurricular Activities : Football, Basketball, Golf, NHS
Three words that describe me : N/A
Favorite Classes : History and Math
Advice for underclassmen : Get your work done
Best high school memory : Playing sports with my friends
Dream job : CEO of a company
Favorite book : The Godfather

Favorite movie : The Batman

Favorite Musician/Band : Kanye West